Coming in spring 2021 from Regal House Publishing


By KT Sparks

Early praise for Four Dead Horses:

“If John Irving had chronicled the upper Midwest, he might have written this boisterous, satirical gem of a novel. At times wickedly funny, at times poignant, FOUR DEAD HORSES is an unforgettable portrait of Martin Oliphant, an elephantine Michigan man who hates horses—and may occasionally (and unwittingly) participate in their demise—but who nevertheless dreams of performing with the real cowboys at the Annual Elko Cowboy Poetry Confluence. It is rare to come across such a remarkably assured work by any writer, much less one who has never been published before. FOUR DEAD HORSES is a joy to read, and the prose seems almost effortless in its grace. Yet this is clearly the work of a craftsperson who has toiled long and hard to master voice, dialogue, story, and—to often devastating effect—characterization.”

— Brad Parks, bestselling author of Say Nothing, Closer than You Know,
The Last Act,
and the Carter Ross mysteries