Welcome to my blog.

What I’m reading: Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights
What I’m reading for work: E.L. Konigsburg, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

Welcome to my blog.

A long time ago, I swore I would never write a blog. Then I swore I would never write a blog again. I had one for the farm, with recipes and pictures of happy chickens (and yes I know, if I have to put a blog out into the world, why not recipes and happy chickens?). I had another for my speechwriting business, when I had that business. I started both with great plans to post every week and forced all my friends to sign up to receive my words by email the moment I vomited them onto the screen. But very soon (like after the third post), I started to hate those blogs the way one can come to hate a new expensive and not-well-thought-out hobby—you know, like, skiing. You buy the equipment and the Bogner Elia Down Jacket and goggles that cost more than a year supply of daily contacts. You take lessons and book an Aspen condo. You Google fondue recipes. But then, you fall down the first, second, and third time out, and the physics of the lift, any lift, baffle and terrify you, but you have to keep going because, well, you told everyone you would and put pictures of yourself on Instagram in your black North Face Apex STH Soft-Shell pants.

But unlike skiing, blogs are easier to quit, and I did quit mine and, as I said, swore never to start another one.

And yet here we are.

The reason for this new blog is this new website, this beautiful website designed by the incredibly talented Justin Norman of Shrieking Tree, a film, design, and graphic arts company. Justin explained to me, in that measured tone young tech savvy folk reserve for old Luddites, that without a blog, the site would be static. That actually sounded great. I have no desire to drive traffic here, the social media platform game is one for younger, more extroverted (are there such creatures?) writers than I. But then Justin also explained, if nothing ever changed on the thing, it becomes more tombstone than portfolio. Blogo ergo sum.

(Admit it. You’ve all done it. Checked a website and saw the last chipper blog post from August 21, 2011, and thought “Oooo, bet they went bankrupt or into rehab or just got too old, and now I am not buying my pine-scented candles from them.”)

So I hope to be here at least a couple of times a month, proof of life. And I would love it if you’d check in once in a while too, let me know what you’re reading, what I should be reading, and what you would call the POV in Wuthering Heights (third person twice removed? First person present first past third past?).

See you on the slopes!


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